It’s the moment many “America’s Got Talent” acts have been waiting for: the roast of Simon Cowell.

On Wednesday night’s finale, Mike E. Winfield hosted the special performance, bringing out Don McMillan, Mr. Pants, Lace Larrabee and the roast master himself, Jeff Ross, to all take a swipe at Cowell.

McMillan was criticized by Cowell during his audition for using a PowerPoint presentation. So, in an act of defiance, McMillan once more did a PowerPoint presentation — much to Cowell’s dismay — of the media mogul’s likes and dislikes.

Number 1 on the dislikes was, unsurprisingly, PowerPoints; others included shaving, clowns and parmesan cheese.

He also poked fun at Cowell’s recent bike accidents, adding: “Too soon?”

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Mike E. Winfield, Don McMillan on “AGT”. Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC
Mike E. Winfield, Don McMillan on “AGT”. Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC

Larrabee, on the other hand, poked fun at Cowell’s style, calling it “mid-life crisis chic.”

She also said he loves his four dogs, because, unlike her, they’re the “only b**ches who can’t talk back.”

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To top it all off, Winfield brought out Metaphysic to have a “deepfake” version of Cowell heap praise on himself.

See more in the clip above.

Wednesday’s “AGT” finale saw the Mayyas dance their way to victory.

Kristy Sellars, Drake Milligan, Metaphysic and Chapel Hart also made it to the top 5.