Jeanick Fournier captured the hearts (and ears!) of audiences when she was declared the winner of the 2022 season of “Canada’s Got Talent”; now, the Quebec-born singer is unveiling her major-label debut album.

Titled Jeanick Fournier, the singer’s first album for Universal Music Canada will be released next month.

In advance of the album’s release, the first single is available now: Fournier’s jaw-dropping cover of Céline Dion’s “I Surrender”, which she performed during her live audition on the show to earn host Lindsay Ell’s Golden Buzzer.

Universal Music Canada
Universal Music Canada

“Winning over hearts across the nation with her goosebumps-inducing vocals, singer, mother, and palliative care beneficiary Jeanick Fournier went on to win the second season of ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ with riveting performances of ‘Never Enough’ from the film ‘The Greatest Showman’, as well as Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’,” a press release from Fournier’s label noted.

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“I Surrender” is a song that has deep personal meaning for Fournier, from Dolbeau, Lac St-Jean, who learned English by listening to her favourite singers and emulating their vocals.

“This song has been a favourite of mine since the very first time I heard it,” said Fournier of the song. “It made me want to surpass myself and the lyrics touched me. Performing this song on ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ was an obvious decision for me; I’ve been singing it for a long time so I knew that even though I was extremely nervous and emotional, I would manage to sing it. When the time came, I said to myself that I was going to sing my life and give it my all, sing with my heart, my guts, to offer a better life to my children.”

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She added: “This song also reminds me of one of my favourite memories from the show, when Lindsay Ell came to join me onstage. At first, I thought she was coming to comfort me, and I was surprised to see her come down the stairs, take the microphone, and… phew, I knew that was it! The Golden Buzzer!!! When I say this, I still cry with joy. I am filled with gratitude.”

“I Surrender” can be heard here, with Fournier’s album scheduled to drop on Oct. 7.