Andy Cohen just introduced his three-year-old son Benjamin to someone very special in his life.

Cohen shared an adorable clip on Instagram, in which he chats to his eldest child about Cher; however, Ben doesn’t seem overly impressed.

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The “Watch What Happens Live” host asks, “What did you think of Cher?” to which Ben replies, “She was singing too loud for me.”

“She was singing too loud for you?! You loved it!” Cohen insists, pointing out that the toddler had said that Cher reminded him of Elsa from “Frozen” “because they’re both good singers.”

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The pair go back and forth, with Ben adamant that Cher was too loud.

Cohen eventually tells him, “Ben, it was Cher and there’s gonna be a lot of Cher in your life, do you know that? Lots of Cher to come!”

The star, who is also father to four-month-old daughter Lucy, then adds, “And sharing is good, too.”

Cohen regularly keeps it real when it comes to parenting on Instagram. He recently shared a clip of Ben throwing a tantrum in the car, only for the youngster to say he was “just kidding” a few minutes later.