Taking a hike with Oprah is serious business.

In a video posted to his TikTok over the weekend, O Magazine writer Joseph Zambrano shared how the media mogul tricked him and friends Gayle King, Ava DuVernay, and more into a very, very long hike.

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“I’m never going on a hike with Oprah ever again,” he captioned the post.


I’m never going on a hike with Oprah ever again #fyp #oprah

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“What is the term for being catfished, but on an event?” Zambrano asks in the video, appearing winded. “You know, I think people should be honest when they say, ‘Let’s go on a hike.’ She said it was five to seven minutes. It’s been five to seven miles.”

Showing off his outfit, Zambrano questions, “Does this look like hiking attire?”

He adds, “Gayle’s on this ride. You can’t see her, but she’s over there in South Africa. That’s how far we’ve walked.”

Oprah herself then appears, with Zambrano saying, “I thought you said five to seven minutes.”

“It was five to seven minutes up this hill,” she responds.

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King finally arrives, showing off her sweat-drenched dress.

“You catfished us,” Zambrano says, to which Oprah insists, “I did not catfish you. I said it’s about a mile….”

He then cuts to a clip from earlier in the day when Oprah tells everyone, “You’ll have no more, I promise, than seven minutes of steady incline,” while King walks by seeming skeptical.

One TikTok user said in the comments that “Gail knew from the beginning that this hike was not to be trusted.”

Another person noted, though, “To be fair, she said, ‘No more than 7 minutes of steady incline.’ She did not say the whole thing would be that short. She knew what she did there 😏.”

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