A visit to the hospital turned into an emergency stay overnight for Trish Stratus.

Over the weekend, the WWE star shared a video on Instagram documenting her emergency appendectomy.

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“A reminder that if you ever have a nagging pain in your lower right quadrant – do go to emergency… ” she wrote in the post.

“It turns out that my appendix is about to burst,” Stratus says in the video, adding as she’s wheeled away in a hospital bed, “I thought I was going home tonight actually.”

In her post, Stratus explained, “After a crampy 10 hour travel day on Monday I was working through the pain on Tuesday prepping for an announcement (which I will post tomorrow). I have a pretty high pain tolerance so when what I thought was 💩 cramps but ended up getting pretty intense I drove myself to emergency and turns out my appendix was getting ready to burst.”

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She also shared some helpful information about how to identify appendicitis, that may go against some common wisdom.

“Dr. Google told me appendicitis was pain in the lower right abdomen, so that’s why it took me a while to think it was that because at first the pain was all across my belly,” Stratus wrote. “But after getting another Dr. Google’s opinion (reading another article) I found out it will start as pain across your stomach (also was tender to touch) but as the appendix gets more inflamed the pain will migrate to the right side and continue to to get worse. And boy did it. Turns out it’s an organ that serves no function so good riddance old pal.”

The pro wrestler added, “Recovery hasn’t been too bad so far, definitely manageable.”

In the comments, fans sent their well wishes, including one person who wrote, “Oh no…thank goodness you got to a hospital.. sending love.”