Kanye West is getting protective over his music.

The musician, who lately has been known to use social media platforms to make accusations, made the claim on Tuesday that someone was selling his publishing without his knowledge.

West shared a text post in his Instagram stories where he wrote, “Just like Taylor Swift, my publishing is being put up for sale without my knowledge. Not for sale.”

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Kanye West – Photo: Instagram/@kanyewest
Kanye West – Photo: Instagram/@kanyewest

In 2019, Taylor Swift announced she would re-record all of her music after the rights to her old masters were purchased by Scooter Braun. She still owned the publishing rights despite the sale, however.

While the musician wasn’t clear exactly who was selling his publishing, he did follow up with another screenshot of a conversation between himself and someone as he asked for this information.

Kanye West – Photo: Instagram/@kanyewest
Kanye West – Photo: Instagram/@kanyewest

In the shot, West is texting someone, writing, “Can you ask Gee who is selling my publishing.” He receives a reply with the words, “From Gee. Fake news. Of course every publisher wants to pitch there hardest to buy. Smh.”

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The “Gee” in the message may be referring to West’s former manager, Gee Roberson, who is currently CEO of BPG Music and working at the senior level of several other companies.

Billboard reported on Monday that the rapper was looking into selling his catalogue of music which currently earns $13.25 million in publishing royalties annually.

They reported that people who were contacted about the deal were asked for “as much as 35 times net publisher’s share, or gross profit,” suggesting a $175 million valuation. Buyers were also apparently offered “a go-forward publishing deal with the multi-platinum artist.”