Even big Hollywood productions run into permit issues.

On Monday night, Margot Robbie stopped by “The Tonight Show” and talked to Jimmy Fallon about her new movie “Amsterdam”, revealing the cops shut them down on the last day of filming.

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“[Director David O. Russell] doesn’t want to stop and he could go forever, and so could Christian [Bale],” Margot explained. “They’re both so dedicated to this film and their craft that David never called cut on this film. So technically we didn’t ever really stop.”

Eventually, the local police got on the production’s case right as they were wrapping things up for good.

“It was the last day of shooting and Christian was saying his dialogue and David‘s there and he’s directing… but the permit was up,” Robbie said. “We were in Pasadena and the time was up and we were meant to clear out. But we wouldn’t. The producers are freaking out and David‘s still going, Christian‘s still acting. And eventually the Pasadena Police were in the set with us being like, ‘You have to stop.’”

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Also on the show, Robbie helped wish Fallon a happy 48th birthday by bringing him a delicacy from her homeland: Australian Fairy Bread.

“[It’s] typically served at young children’s birthday parties where I’m from and since it’s your birthday, Jimmy,” the actress told him, lighting birthday candles.

She then led the audience in singing “Happy Birthday” to the late-night host, who blew out the candles.

The host then asked what exactly Fair Bread is.

“Fair Bread is white bread, the cheaper the better, butter, and then sprinkles on top,” Robbie told him.

“Oh, it’s fantastic,” Fallon said, taking a bite, to which Robbie said, “It’s great. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. Don’t even wait for your birthday, just have it anytime.”