Zach Shallcross is taking “the lessons [he’s] learned” from “The Bachelorette” and applying them to his role as The Bachelor.

“Heartbreak is never fun, but it didn’t deter me. And I’m ready to go again,” Shallcross, 26, says in this week’s issue of People magazine where he addresses being too young for marriage.

The tech executive, who already met five women that will compete for his heart during Tuesday night’s “After the Final Rose” special, says he knows what he wants and is ready to “find my person.”

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“There’s really two main things that I look for and first is how kind and compassionate they are. I think that’s something that’s pretty rare nowadays,” Shallcross tells People. “The other thing is having someone that loves to do fun, adventurous stuff with me, whether it’s traveling, trying cool foods.”

The eligible new bachelor says viewers can expect to see more of his “fun, goofy” side, something they may not have seen on “The Bachelorette”.

“I like to think I am a romantic, but it’s not all serious with me. I like to have a good time,” he shares.

One of the biggest lessons that Shallcross learned while dating former bachelorette Rachel Recchia is that he “typically wears his heart on his sleeve.”

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“If you can show your emotions and not be scared about it, I really think that’s an important attribute, but in my case, I think I fell in love really hard and really fast and I didn’t necessarily take a step back and look at the entire situation from her perspective,” the Californian recalls.

Shallcross plans to be “a little cautious” in the beginning in order to gain a better understanding of his bachelorettes and prevent himself from falling “too quick.”

Although Recchia may have questioned whether or not Shallcross was ready for an engagement because he was only 25 at the time, the new bachelor says he still upholds being ready for marriage.

“My take on that is when you know, you know,” he says. “I don’t think that there’s anything where there’s an age limit on when you decide you want to fall in love and get married. If you are ready and you feel well equipped with yourself, you love yourself, you trust yourself and you want to share that with someone else, it doesn’t matter how old you are.”

To avoid any misunderstandings with his bachelorettes, Shallcross will focus on “having that open line of communication and building that trust to where they can always feel comfortable of letting me know where they really feel.

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“I never want any of the women to feel caught off guard or blindsided,” he adds.

Despite the show’s “inevitable” drama, Shallcross says he’s “not a fan” of it.

“If there’s a lot of drama going on in the house, what it tells me is that they’re not really serious and why they’re there is probably more for finding internet fame or whatever it is. So I’ll probably be pretty quick to cut that out,” he admits.

Though there’s bound to be bumps along Shallcross’ journey to finding love, he says he’s “more excited than anything. I just want to start already.”

The new season of “The Bachelor” will premiere on Jan. 23, 2023.