Jeff Garlin is revealing that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Sept. 20, the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star went public for the first time about his mental health struggles. 

“Bipolar is a motherf**ker,” he wrote. “Sometimes it’s just too much to deal with. I’m doing the best I can. This the first time that I’ve opened up about this.”

Garlin’s revelation comes months after he parted ways with “The Goldbergs” at the end of last season in the midst of allegations of misconduct on the set of the ABC sitcom; perhaps not coincidentally, the season premiere of the show airs on Wednesday night.

Last December, Garlin addressed the allegations with Vanity Fair, insisting it was simply a case of his jokes being misunderstood. He did, however, reveal that his behaviour had also been the investigated by HR over the course of three years. 

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“It’s always the same thing. It’s about me and my silliness on set,” Garlin said. “They don’t think it’s appropriate. I do. That’s where we’re at. I’ve not been fired because of it. We just think differently.”

Not long after the publication of the interview, Deadline reported that Garlin would no longer be a part of “The Goldbergs”; co-showrunner Alex Barnow confirmed that Garlin had parted ways with the show, revealing that his character, patriarch Murray Goldberg, would be killed off.

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“I’ve had a conversation with Jeff and he’s aware that he’s not being replaced. The truth is, I don’t know if he knows what his fate is, but I’m assuming he knows…” Barnow told Entertainment Weekly.

The season premiere of “The Goldbergs” airs Wednesday, Sept. 21.