Former ET Canada Reporter Roz Weston knows a thing or two about “hiding things” and if you thought the release of his memoir would be the final reveal, you have no idea what you’re about to read in A Little Bit Broken.

A plan two years in the making, the last chapter of his book is the last secret the radio host had to keep, revealing in a new video that during the writing process he was also planning an elaborate, romantic proposal to his longtime love, photographer Katherine Holland.

“I may be the only person who’s written an entire book, just to propose to the person they love,” Weston says in the emotional video, adding, “who by the way, is the greatest person I have ever known.”

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Photo: Roz Weston
Photo: Roz Weston — Photo: Roz Weston

Continuing on, Weston shares that Holland was a huge part of the writing process, but reveals that there’s “one chapter [she] hasn’t read,” showing a close-up of the dedication at the front of the book that reads: “For Katherine. Everything that matters. Everything that shines, pg. three twenty one.” He jokes, “Oh yeah, spoiler alert, that’s how my book ends.”

“I sold the book without the last chapter,” Weston shares. He adds, “[The publishers] only saw that chapter when I had finished the entire thing, but it was actually, that chapter was the very first thing I wrote.”

We can’t reveal how we know, but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Weston proposed. And as many of his fans read the heartfelt final chapter through tear-filled eyes, we can confirm it was just as emotional watching the day play out.

We also got the chance to speak with Weston, who was happy to answer a few questions we had about the book and his romantic plan.

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Photo: Roz Weston
Photo: Roz Weston — Photo: Roz Weston

Q & A:

Congratulations on the book’s release — it’s finally out! Are you able to now take a breath after years of planning, writing and keeping the majority of this a secret?

A: I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for two years. This has been the most emotionally draining thing I’ve ever done. But so worth it. Keeping this secret from everyone wasn’t anything anyone has done before. My publisher didn’t even know. It was a surprise to them. Making sure Katherine didn’t find out was even harder. I was so sketchy for two years with my computer. I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking I left it open to this chapter and walk down to the living room at 3 a.m. to make sure I didn’t. I never did, but I did that walk dozens of times!

At what point in the writing process did you know that you were going to propose to Katherine?

A: The very beginning. That line, the one where I propose, was the very first thing I wrote. I needed to know how it ended before I could write anything else. It’s a tough read. Very emotional. But I think it’s good for people to go into it knowing there’s a happy ending. That’s why I wanted Katherine to start with that chapter first.

You’ve mentioned before that marriage wasn’t necessarily something that you two needed in your relationship. What changed?

A: That’s true. We’ve never talked about marriage before. We never avoided it, but we never talked about it either. The only thing we did ever say was that IF we did ever get married, we’d do it at an age when Roxy could really be a part of it. This seemed like the perfect time.

Looking back on the day of the proposal, what, for you, was the best moment?

A: How brave Roxy was. Keep in mind, they had no clue what was going on. They didn’t know there would be all these cameras, and people, not to mention the first thing she saw was me crying. She was my rock! I was so proud of her.

We see a bit of this in the video, but how emotional was it writing the book and sharing it with Katherine chapter-by-chapter?

A: The process was incredibly emotional. I talk about parts of my life, things I’ve kept secret and locked away. Katherine learned a ton about me during all this. I’d finish a chapter and hand her my computer to read. Some days she had a ton of questions! Others we’d laugh together, or cry. We laughed and cried a ton. Being able to share this with her was therapeutic, for sure.

Photo: Roz Weston
Photo: Roz Weston — Photo: Roz Weston

Roxy is such a special part of your trio, and I know that in one of your social videos you mention that “I’m leaving footprints for my kid, so she has a path to follow.“ *cue tears* How are you feeling about your daughter reading the book one day? 

A: After she turns 18 if she wants to read this, I’d be happy to read it with her, or leave her alone for an entire weekend to go through it on her own. If she never wants to read it, that’s fine too. I wish my dad left me something like this before he died. It didn’t have to be a book or anything, but I was young when he died and as I got older I had questions. Holes that needed to be filled. Roxy may never read it, but if she ever has questions – it’s all in there. I wrote this for her.

What was the reaction from your mom and brother?

A: It was a beautiful day. The sat with headphones on and listened to the entire 9 hour audiobook in one shot. I had snacks and vodka and all the emotional support ready for them when they arrived. It was a beautiful day. The three of us haven’t ever really sat together and talked about any of this before. It was a perfect day.

What, if anything, are you hoping that people take away after reading A Little Bit Broken?

A: I wrote this hoping it would help someone. That maybe someone may see a little of themselves in my story.

The book sort of ends at a couple of new beginnings — your wildly successful radio show, and of course the proposal.  Do you have more stories to tell? Will there be another book?

A: I will never do another one like this again! Maybe a cookbook. I think I’ll do one of those next. Less crying.