“The View” co-hosts are weighing in on the Adam Levine scandal.

On Wednesday show, Whoopi Goldberg introduced the subject of social media personality Sumner Stroh claiming she and the Maroon 5 singer had an affair.

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“Whatever,” Joy Behar said in reaction.

The other hosts didn’t seem very impressed by her story either, with Goldberg explaining that Levine has denied that he had a physical affair with Stroh.

“Does an online relationship count as cheating, as far as you all are concerned?” she asked, receiving a simple, “Yeah,” in response before jokingly saying, “Okay, next item.”

But Sunny Hostin did have a bit more to say, asking, “It’s cheating, okay, but why go on Instagram or social media to put all of that stuff out. His wife is pregnant. That’s cruel.”

She added, “He made a mistake and he’s a rockstar.”

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Responding to the question of why a man would go after an online influencer, whose career is built on sharing personal things publicly, Hostin said, “I think men go for low-hanging fruit.”

After reading out some of Levine’s alleged messages to Stroh, Behar stopped to say, “I have a question: Who is Adam Levine?”