One of Armie Hammer’s sexual assault accusers is taking issue with a recent interview with his ex-wife.

The woman known as Effie sparked controversy in March 2021 when she made rape allegations against Hammer. After multiple women came out with claims of abuse and sexual violence by the actor, the LAPD launched an investigation. He has since taken a step away from the public spotlight.

The move came after his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, filed for divorce in 2020.

Effie is now calling out Chambers for comments she made about her ex-husband in a new interview with E!News.

Speaking on the state of her relationship with Hammer, the TV personality said that they were in a “good place.”

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“Our divorce is not finalized. But we are in a really great place. We talk all the time,” she explained. “We’re committed fully and wholly to our children, and to being together as much as possible in a non-romantic way for our kids. Kids need their mom; kids need their dad. So there’s nothing we won’t do.”

Chambers said her ex was “focused on his healing” and she was there to offer support.

“I’m here to support that process. It’s going to make him the best father, the best person he can be. At the end of the day, that’s the goal,” she continued. “We’re in constant communication and all that matters is that he is the best dad for our children. Obviously he processes everything else that he’s dealing with personally — and that’s his own journey now.”

The two exes share 7-year-old Harper and 4-year-old Ford together.

In now-deleted Instagram stories, Effie shared screenshots of texts between herself and presumably Chambers, calling out a different attitude towards Hammer.

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People reported the first screenshot showed a text she received which encouraged her to go public with her story. “I’m obtaining a copy of the NDA he used and think there’s an error in it, which would make it null and void. As soon as I confirm, can you post?” a message allegedly from Chambers read.

Another message told her to “stay focused” on “getting the stories on record. Not just the internet.”

In response to another supposed message from Chambers which asked her about her legal representation, Effie responded, “I’m feeling a tad bit suicidal and don’t have time for this rn sorry.”

In a direct reference to the interview, Effie ended her series of stories with the words, “Just some things to keep in mind before anyone else keeps wishing rapists ‘healing’.”