Lisa LaFlamme is still sore over her ouster.

In a new article for the Toronto Star, columnist Rosie DiManno spoke with LaFlamme, who has been in England covering Queen Elizabeth’s death and funeral for CityNews.

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Despite the work, the former CTV National News anchor revealed that she is still very emotional over her sudden ousting from her position.

“I’ve cried every day,” she said.

According to DiManno, while LaFlamme has been in London, she has been approached by many members of the public, as well as journalists, all expressing their sympathies, but that she has tried to stop those conversations.

“I have to cut off the conversation because I get so upset,” she explained.

The Queen dying also made it clear just what she had lost thanks to her CTV News firing, telling DiManno, “I was despondent. Here’s the biggest story of our lives and I didn’t even have a job.”

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Thankfully, Rogers Media stepped in, calling LaFlamme up to offer her the opportunity to cover the breaking news event for CityNews.

“They threw me a lifeline and I grabbed it. I felt human again,” she said.

Still, the future is up in the air for LaFlamme, and that will take some getting used to.

“I don’t know how to recreate a life. But you can’t take reporting out of somebody’s blood,” LaFlamme said. “I’m just grateful to CityNews because I got to do the only thing I’ve ever done.”

She added, “When a big story breaks, that’s all you can see. I honestly can’t see beyond that right now.”