Ray J is ramping up for a legal battle with the Kardashians over his ongoing feud with the family over his 2007 sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

The singer appeared as a guest on Thursday’s episode of Comedy Central’s “Hell of a Week”, with host Charlamagne Tha God asking him about his next move with respect to the Kardashians.

“Are you going to sue them, or do you just want the apology? Are you going to legally demand an apology? Are you actually going to pursue a lawsuit?” the host asked.

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“I made some legal stuff happening,” Ray J responded. “There’s going to be some legal stuff happening”

Earlier this month, Kris Jenner appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”, where she was hooked up to a lie detector and denied having anything to do with the release of the infamous sex tape; that flies counter to Ray J’s claims, that she orchestrated both the filming and release of the tape, even having him and Kardashian film multiple takes of scenes.

According to Ray J, he’s heard nothing from Jenner or reps for the family.

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“It’s crickets over there. No response. No nothing. Silence. They usually are the type of people that respond fast, and then they try to tear you like right down like right away,” Ray J said.

“I’m trying to survive,” he added. “As a Black man, as a father, that’s trying to instill the right things into my kids, and they can’t just lie about me being something that I’m not, and it has something to do with disrespecting women, and I’ve got a sister, and I’ve got a mom, and they’ve been dealing with this s**t for far too long.”