A new report is claiming that Chris Rock was offered a monumental amount of cash to host the upcoming Golden Globes, but turned it down.

According to The Puck, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association  — the organization that holds the Globes — is desperate to maintain its relevance after record-low ratings for the 2021 show and numerous star boycotts after a series of scandals that has left the HFPA reeling, and resulted in a private untelevised (and largely star-free) 2022 event.

Following the recent announcement that the Globes will return to NBC this year, The Puck reports four sources have claimed that Rock was offered a “s**t ton” of money to host the 2023 — but declined.

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Given that the 2021 show’s ratings were a staggering 60 percent lower than the previous year, hitting a 13-year low, the 2023 show is seen to be a make-or-break situation for the Globes.

“Beyond the question of whether the top stars will actually show up, the Globes are essentially betting their continued existence on this next show,” noted The Puck‘s Matthew Belloni, pointing out that the Globes could only secure a one-year, one-time deal on NBC.

As Belloni wrote, “the Globes now are basically an aging player in a contract year, hoping to avoid a career-ending injury (like a celebrity boycott), put up impressive-enough numbers, test free agency, and ultimately take their talents to South Beach—or in this case, CBS or Netflix.”

The 2023 Golden Globes will be held on Jan. 10