Buckingham Palace is reportedly making the move to protect King Charles ahead of the latest season of “The Crown”.

The upcoming fifth season, which will launch on Netflix on November 9, is set to focus on Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce in the ’90s, as well as the royal’s affair with his now-wife Camilla.

Diana is being played by Elizabeth Debicki, while Dominic West takes on the role of the then-Prince of Wales.

A friend of the King allegedly spoke to The Telegraph, accusing Netflix of having “no qualms about mangling people’s reputations,” calling the show “exploitative.”

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They told the paper, “What people forget is that there are real human beings and real lives at the heart of this,” insisting the show was a “drama not a documentary,” the Daily Mail reported.

The comments come after a trailer for the eagerly anticipated fifth season was released, showing Debicki and West preparing to give television interviews about their relationship.

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Season 5 will introduce an entirely new cast, with Imelda Staunton taking over as the Queen following Olivia Colman and Claire Foy’s award-winning turns as the matriarch during the first four seasons.

ET Canada has contacted the Palace for comment.