Hayden Panettiere is opening up about her 7-year-old daughter Kaya’s custody.

The actress is a guest on this week’s episode of Facebook Watch’s “Red Table Talk” where she shares the truth behind the “heartbreaking” time in her life when she gave ex Wladimir Klitschko custody of her only child.

In a sneak preview of the interview — airing this Wednesday — Panettiere, 33, explains that, at first, her daughter’s custody wasn’t an agreement with the boxing champ “because it wasn’t a discussion.”

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“If [Klitschko] had come to me and said I think because of where you’re at right now and your struggles that you’re having it would be good for her to be over here with me for a while — which if I had probably had enough of a conversation I would’ve said okay that makes sense, I get it, I’ll come there to visit and stuff like that,” Panettiere says in the preview clip, obtained by People

“Because of the way that it was done, it was very upsetting,” she continues. “I mean, it was the worst signing those papers, the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever, ever had to do in my life.”

The “Nashville” actress clarifies that the “papers were to give [Klitschko] full custody.”

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“I was gonna go work on myself, I was gonna get better, and when I got better then things would change and she could come to me and I could have my time with her but that didn’t happen,” she adds.

“Red Table Talk”‘s Adrienne Banfield-Norris and Jada Pinkett Smith with guest Hayden Panettiere
“Red Table Talk”‘s Adrienne Banfield-Norris and Jada Pinkett Smith with guest Hayden Panettiere — Photo: Jordan Fisher

In 2018, Panettiere’s daughter went to live in Ukraine with Klitschko amidst the actress’ struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.

Elsewhere in the upcoming Sept. 28 episode, Panettiere opens up about her years of addiction and the crippling postpartum depression she experienced.