The Princess of Wales is shining a light on the plight of British families.

Earlier this week, Kate Middleton visited volunteers and members at St Thomas Church in Swansea, making her first official trip to Wales since inheriting her new title.

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Alongside Prince William, she met for the community at the church, who have made it into a hub for locals, with a food bank, homeless facilities, a community training kitchen and more.

The church also features Swansea Baby Basics baby bank, a project helping to get essential items distributed to mothers and vulnerable babies in need.

“With the cost-of-living crisis, there are a lot of desperate people out there,” Middleton said at the event, according to The Daily Mail.

She also called the food bank a “lifeline to so many people’ particularly after the pandemic and amid the soaring cost of living.”

While speaking with a group of elderly members of the congregation, the royal added, ‘What’s so wonderful about this place is that there is such a good mixture of young and old. It’s extraordinary. You have 90-year-olds as well as youngsters. It’s a real family organization.

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‘We need places like this to bring people together, places where people can come and engage. It’s what we need post Covid and with the cost of living crisis,” she continued. “Lots of people are too scared to come an engage so it’s wonderful that you go out to see them too.”

Kate added, ‘Places like this are so needed. They bring people together, help them to connect, it’s what we have missed since Covid. All gathering together under one roof. We all could do with a church like this where we live. I must come to a service once day. It’s so remarkable here.”

Finally, she said, “There is amazing work going on here. Keep up the hard work.”