Jason Bateman appeared on Friday’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the final show of the show’s five-night stint in Brooklyn, with host Jimmy Kimmel introducing him by noting he’s “been making movies and TV shows since your mom went to prom.”

At one point in the interview, Kimmel fired off some celebrity names to see if Bateman had ever encountered them during his long showbiz career, one of which was Michael Jackson.

“Rich Schroder and I almost ran over Michael Jackson with our bicycles,” Bateman revealed.

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As Bateman explained, he was co-starring with Schroder on “Silver Spoons” when Michael Jackson — a big fan of the show — dropped by the set one day.

“This is while we were doing Silver Spoons at Universal and we’d need to have our bikes because kids gotta play,” Bateman said. “Michael was there to see [Schroder].”

That caused some awkward laughter in the audience, not doubt reacting to to the allegations made about late King of Pop and young boys, which Bateman jokingly deflected.

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“I don’t — listen, hey!” Bateman said. “He was a fan of the show and a fan of the Ricker!”