Pink Floyd’s co-founder is afraid of Ukraine.

In a testy new interview with Rolling Stone, Roger Waters sounds off once again about Russia’s invasion, and claims he’s on a Ukrainian “kill list.”

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Waters has frequently called into question the Ukrainian narrative of the war, and in the interview reacts to the assertion that it is, in fact, Russia’s narrative that is filled with lies.

“Maybe…” the artist responds. “Don’t forget, I’m on a kill list that is supported by the Ukrainian government. I’m on the f**king list, and they’ve killed people recently.… But when they kill you, they write ‘liquidated’ across your picture. Well, I’m one of those f**king pictures.”

It is true that Waters’ name has been placed on a list created by a far-right Ukrainian organization, along with hundreds of thousands of other so-called enemies of the state.

The site, which has not been taken down by the Ukrainian government, claims that it is not a kill list, but simply “information for law enforcement authorities and special services.”

Water continues, “And when I read stuff, which I have done in blogs and things, criticizing me for my … I always go and look and see where it came from. And it’s amazing how often when I’ve done the hunt and hunted it down, it is da, da,,” naming a hypothetical website.

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Asked why he is not supportive of the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, despite being supportive of other liberation movements around the world, Waters explains.

“Because it’s an unnecessary war,” he says. “And those people should not be dying. And Russia should not have been encouraged to invade the Ukraine [Waters insists he is not making a political point by saying ‘the Ukraine’] after they tried for 20 years to avoid it by suggesting diplomatic measures to Western governments.”

Waters has been outspoken on the issue of the Russian invasion for months. In September, his tour dates in Poland were cancelled amid backlash over his stance on the war.