Drew Barrymore is single and ready to mingle — and has the dating-app profile to prove it.

During Monday’s edition of Global‘s “The Drew Barrymore Show”, the host was joined by co-host Ross Mathews and guests Gayle King, Nate Burleson and Tony Dokoupil of “CBS Mornings”.

During the conversation, Barrymore revealed that she’s joined a dating app, and wanted to get some feedback on her profile pic.

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“I was excited to ask you guys because, you know, you’re both straight men and I don’t have a lot of those in my life,” Barrymore told Burleson and Dokoupil.

“I am gay adjacent 24/7,” Barrymore quipped, leading Mathews to joke that he is “the masculinity that surrounds her on a daily basis.”

“And it’s so nice to hear another woman’s perspective on this. Can I show you guys the picture I have on my dating app?” Barrymore asked King.

“You know I have a dating app, Gayle,” she said. “You’ve been here at this desk before, and I’m trying to get you on it!”

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Barrymore then showed viewers her photo, a selfie that she took in a bathroom.

“That’s not a bad picture,” King agreed, while her co-hosts were likewise complimentary.

“Look, I’m an unfrozen caveman when it comes to dating, I don’t understand modern dating, I’ve been married for a million years,” Dokoupil said. “But if I saw that picture I would 100 percent [swipe] whatever the direction is.”

“I would swipe right!!” Burleson added. “I’m thunder swiping right.”

“Oh, yay!” Barrymore declared. “That means so much to me!” she said.

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