Kanye West is on team Drake.

West reflected on his rivalry with Drake in an Instagram post celebrating the Canadian superstar. Ye has gone on a mad Instagram spree, posting nearly 30 times in the last 48 hours amid controversy over his widely criticized “white lives matter” shirt design at his YZT SZN 9 presentation in Paris this week. The controversial “Dark Fantasy” rapper noticed that Drizzy liked his recent Instagram post throwing shade at Hailey Bieber. West thanked the “Champagne Poetry” rapper for his alleged support.

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“Everyone knows me and Drake have had a rivalry in the past,” West wrote on Thursday. “It really warmed my heart to see Drake like one of my post. We still need the Donda [Academy] team to play NOCTA. All Drake music will be played at Donda games moving forward.”

West also labelled himself “every artists favourite artist,” including his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and Drake.

“I’m Kim’s favourite performance artist even though she’s more popular. I’m Drake’s favourite artist even though he’s more pop-pular [sic]. No, no, no. I got a better one. I’m Drake’s favourite artist even though he’s more Drake. I feel like a megamind ever since me and Drake made up.

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“I miss my rival Bernard Weak. He just uses normal war strategies like hiring the struggle virgil to threaten me with receipts. I miss the wars.”

Drake and Kanye had friction for many years. The feud involved potshots and famously included West collaborator Pusha T revealing the existence of Drake’s son. Drizzy and Ye patched things up in December at a Free Larry Hoover event in Los Angeles.