The fashion! The headlines! The family life! And of course, “The Simple Life.”

Fans may think they know Nicole Richie, but ET Canada is giving them an exclusive look into her life like never before in “One on One with Nicole Richie.”

ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté sits down with Richie in New York City to chat all about her fabulous forties, her marriage to Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, and of course, the resurgence of her iconic show with Paris Hilton.

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“The Simple Life” became a staple of entertainment in the new millennium, and is now making its much-deserved comeback on TikTok.

“I’m happy that people are enjoying it,” Richie says of the love for the series on social media. “I mean, I loved shooting it. And, you know, it was so much fun.”

Of course, growing up in the early 2000s didn’t come without its life lessons, and for the 41-year-old, she has her dad Lionel Richie to thank for some wise words.

“The world is pretty small and you are definitely going to circle back and meet people that you’ve worked with throughout the years. And so it’s important to be appreciative and kind in every process,” she says.

“I work with people now on scripted shows that, you know, were interns at Fox when I did ‘Simple Life’. So it’s just everyone, you know, we’re moving, but we’re moving in the same circles.”

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Now from “The Simple Life” to married life! Richie is getting ready to celebrate her 12-year anniversary to Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden on December 11.

The secret to a long lasting relationship in Hollywood? “I don’t have a secret,” Richie quips.

“We let each other be ourselves and we have fun. We’re both smooth operators,” she adds.

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Throughout the couple’s nearly 12-year marriage, Richie and Madden have had the pleasure of watching her sister, Sofia Richie, grow up right before their eyes.

“I think Sofia was eight or nine when Joel and I started dating. And so she was kind of like… she wasn’t our first kid, but we were taking care of her and we were taking her to the movies. We were kind of playing house with her,” she recalls.

“I get very emotional when I talk about her all the time. So I have to really pull back because I just love her so much. But she’s killing it!”

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