As rumours of impending divorce swirl around Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, a source claims that the Brazilian-born supermodel feels their marriage is irretrievably broken and beyond fixing.

“She is done with their marriage,” the source — described as “an insider close to Bündchen” — told People.

“She was upset about it for a long time and it’s still difficult, but she feels like she needs to move on. She doesn’t believe that her marriage can be repaired,” the source added.

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“She is just trying to figure out her life,” the source continued. “She doesn’t have much contact with Tom.”

As for what Bündchen’s next moves will be, the insider insisted it was still early in the process.

“Again, she is still trying to figure things out,” the source said. “She is doing yoga, meditating and taking care of herself. She doesn’t put any pressure on herself to make drastic decisions.”

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Meanwhile, another source told People that Bündchen has been working with her divorce lawyer for “awhile,” and “feels bad for the kids.”

While it remains to be seen how the couple’s four children will be impacted, Brady remains a constant presence in their lives.

“The kids love Tom,” the insider said. “He is a great dad.”