Lizzo took to the stage of Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena for the latest stop on her The Special Tour on Friday, and had some words to share about comments being made about her in the media.

Speaking to the crowd, Lizzo appeared to reference Kanye West’s appearance this week on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, when he brought up the “About Damn Time” singer to critique the body-positive movement, calling the media’s championing of her weight “demonic” and comparable to “genocide of the Black race.”

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“I feel like everybody in America got my motherf**king name in their motherf**king mouth for no motherf**king reason,” Lizzo told the audience.

“I’m minding my fat Black beautiful business,” she added, before asking the Toronto crowd, “Can I stay here? Who can I marry for that dual citizenship?”


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In addition to West’s comments, Lizzo was recently hit with backlash after playing a historic 200-year-old crystal flute owned by U.S. president James Madison.

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“It’s like playing out of a wine glass. I just twerked and played James Madison’s flute from the 1800s!” Lizzo said, according to BBC.

“No one has ever heard what it sounds like… now you do,” she added. “As a flute player this is iconic and I will never be over it.”

The performance drew criticism from various right-wing pundits, with Jenna Ellis, a former campaign lawyer for Donald Trump, calling it a “desecration, purposefully, of America’s history.”