Emily Ratajkowski is getting into the podcasting game.

On Wednesday, the model and actress announced she is launching her new show, “High Low with EmRata”, on Nov. 1, with two new episodes dropping per week, plus bonus episodes for paid subscribers.

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“I grew up listening to NPR and radio because we didn’t have television… Ira Glass was my hero,” Ratajkowski told Variety. “To be able to dive into topics that I’m interested in, in this format is so exciting.”

In an interview with the trade, Ratajkowski also opened up about a variety of topics, though she sidestepped a question about rumours that she and Brad Pitt are dating.

“I have a generally complicated relationship to the internet as a celebrity,” she responded. “One of the things I write about in the last essay of the book is about control and kind of understanding that one of the best ways to actually be happy and have some semblance of control is letting go,” she says. “I’m newly single for basically the first time in my life ever, and I just feel like I’m kind of enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I’m being perceived.”

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She was also asked about the online backlash to a video she posted in which she said men like Adam Levine, who was recently the subject of scandal when a woman claimed they had an affair, should take sole responsibility for their mistakes.

“It wasn’t honestly about Adam Levine,” she said. “I just responded to this woman talking about how women need to change and adjust as preparation for men’s behavior, which is something I’ve been talking and writing about for a long time. Like, this ‘Boys will be boys’ attitude that women have? We have to do better.”

Ratajkowski added, “Women seeking attention is always the classic misogyny hot topic. It’s really what gets people going, to accuse a woman of seeking attention. Personally, I know that really well. So, yeah, I get a lot of hate. But as they say on TikTok: ‘The girls who get it, get it.’ That’s my motto these days.”