Ashley Tisdale joked about her ageless appearance on TikTok this week.

The “High School Musical” actress, who played Sharpay Evans in the much-loved flicks, shared a clip of herself mouthing along to some “Twilight” dialogue.

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In the voiceover, Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan asks Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen how old he is, with him admitting he’s 17.

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She then questions, “How long have you been 17?” to which he replies: “A while.”

Tisdale commented “when you just don’t age” in the caption.

@ashleytisdaleWhen you just dont age♬ original sound – Chief of memes

In another TikTok clip, Tisdale took her fans round a property she’d just bought before finding out there was a lot of mould.

@ashleytisdaleUnder construction♬ original sound – AshleyTisdale

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