Sometimes adulation can be a bit much for Colin Farrell.

This week, the actor and his “Banshees of Inisherin” co-star Brendan Gleeson stopped by “The Graham Norton Show” to chat about their new film and its great reception.

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Last month, the film had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where it received a 14-minute standing ovation.

“It was a long time and I’ve never experienced anything like it in 20 years of doing this racket,” Farrell said of the experience. “You stand there like a pillock as it was a bit embarrassing, but it was amazing.”

Gleeson added, “It was excruciating but it really was an appreciative thing from the heart, there was real love of the film in the room. The audiences wasn’t remotely embarrassed and they were having a great time so we had a great time with them.”

The actor also describes the film, from “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” director Martin McDonagh, as “a breakup story between two men.”

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In order to get into the dynamic of the characters, the actors went method, staying away from each other and not speaking on set as much as possible.

“Brendan goes very deep into the work and I was a bit worried because I love him so much,” Farrell said.

His co-star added, “We both said, ‘Do you think we should keep a distance between us?’ We were looking at each other wondering if the other person needed it, but about a second and half later we both simultaneously went, ‘Nah!’”

The film also marks a reunion for Farrell and Gleeson after starring together in McDonagh’s debut feature “In Bruges”.

“The Banshees of Inisherin” opens in theatres Oct. 21.