Jamie Lee Curtis is concluding the four-decade journey that began with 1978’s “Halloween” with the new sequel “Halloween Ends”.

On Friday, Oct. 14 — the day the film made its debut in theatres — the “Halloween” Instagram account shared a photo in which Curtis is seen watching fans of the horror franchise pay tribute.

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“Jamie Lee Curtis — a.k.a. the final girl,” says one fan, while another praises Curtis as “such an iconic, informative scream queen” in all of cinema.

“You mean a lot to myself, and horror fans and film fans across the world,” says another.

As the clip ends after numerous fans share their gratitude, Curtis is overcome with emotion.

“Thank you guys,” she says, visibly sobbing while waving off the camera operator: “Turn this f**king thing off, I can’t.”

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“Halloween Ends” is in theatres now.