The first-ever semifinal competition of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” was nothing short of hilarious, despite the awkward moment following an ethnicity question.

During a face-off between Ike Barinholtz, Simu Liu and Iliza Shlesinger, the actors were given the clue: “October is the history month for this Asian-American ethnic group that includes Olivia Rodrigo and Jo Koy.”

Barinholtz, who starred in “The Mindy Project” replied, “What are Filipinos?”

Although the writer and director was awarded the money by host Mayim Bialik, Liu quickly pointed out the odd way in which Barinholtz phrased the question, given that he answered with the word “what” instead of “who.”

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“What do you mean, ‘What are Filipinos?’” the “Shang-Chi” star asked. “What do you mean by that, Ike?”

“Oh my God, that’s not what I meant,” Barinholtz stuttered while replying. “You have to answer in the form of a question.”

Liu then turned to Shlesinger and asked, “Did you hear him? I heard him.”

While Liu’s response came in a comedic fashion, he took the match seriously as he was playing to raise money for the charity Stop AAPI Hate. As an Asian, the actor stated that he’s “deeply passionate” about eliminating racism.

Most viewers’ social reactions were positive, as they got a laugh out of Liu’s good-natured teasing. However, some viewers of AAPI descent respected the Canadian actor’s response.

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Following a few more laughs throughout the remainder of the episode, Liu ended up raising an additional $50,000 in donations for the charity.