Dwayne Johnson got emotional as he spoke to Rob Delaney about the loss of the latter’s late son during a recent TV appearance.

Johnson and Delaney were both guests on Monday’s “The One Show”, with the hosts mentioning Delaney’s grief after his son Henry passed away at age just 2 in 2018 after a battle with cancer.

Johnson and Delaney starred in 2019’s “Hobbs and Shaw” together, after The Rock shared a sweet message following Henry’s tragic death.

Appearing to wipe tears from his eyes, Johnson shared, “I have babies at home, all girls, 21, six and four. That story, hearing that rocked us in our household.”

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Delaney responded, “Dwayne did a good template, he said Henry’s name and said something sweet, and he just did it. Rather than ‘should I?’ It made me feel nice.”

The Rock posted at the time:

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Delaney speaks about the agony of him and his wife Leah losing their son in his new book A Heart That Works.

He wrote of the couple dealing with Henry being terminally ill, “[It was] the heaviest pain in the world. I felt like I had suddenly quadrupled in weight, and an oily, black whirlpool began to swirl where my heart had been,” Metro reported.