Anna Faris is speaking out about her experience working with director Ivan Reitman.

The actress starred in the Canadian filmmaker’s 2006 comedy “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”, and on her latest “Unqualified” podcast with guest Lena Dunham, she shared how difficult he was.

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“One of my hardest film experiences was with Ivan Reitman,” she said. “I mean, the idea of attempting to make a comedy under this, like, reign of terror, he was a yeller. He would bring down somebody every day… and my first day, it was me.”

Faris recalled one incident in particular, on her first day of shooting, when an accident occurred in the makeup trailer in which glue was knocked over onto her costume, making her a little bit late arriving on set.

“I was terrified on my first day that Ivan thinks I’m some kind of diva that doesn’t come out of her trailer,” she said. “I’m in the middle of the street that’s all lit. Ivan is just taking me down. He was like, ‘Annie, you can’t play like that around here!’ I was like, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t cry. No crying.’ I felt angry and hurt and humiliated and defensive. Eventually I said, ‘Did no one tell you what happened?’ At that point he shut up and went behind the camera.

She added, “Later, he slapped my ass too. That was a weird moment.”

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Faris had previously spoken about a director slapping her butt in 2017, though at the time she did not name the person in question.

“I was doing a scene where I was on a ladder and I was supposed to be taking books off a shelf and he slapped my ass in front of the crew so hard. And all I could do was giggle,” Faris said on her podcast at the time.

“I remember looking around and I remember seeing the crew members being like, ‘Wait, what are you going to do about that? That seemed weird.’ And that’s how I dismissed it,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Well, this isn’t a thing. Like, it’s not that big of a deal. Buck up, Faris. Like, just giggle.’ But it made me feel small. He wouldn’t have done that to the lead male.”

Reitman, best known for directing “Ghostbusters”, among other classic comedies, passed away earlier this year.