Julia Roberts thinks George Clooney has what it takes to be People’s Sexiest Man Alive for a third time.

The best friends have been promoting their new rom-com “Ticket to Paradise”, with the magazine asking Roberts about Clooney potentially nabbing the honour once again.

“Yes! Third time’s a charm,” Roberts says of a possible hat-trick.

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However, Clooney, who received the honour in 1997 and 2006, insists: “I need it a little more specific,” suggesting: “Sexiest Batman Alive.”

Roberts jokes: “Sexiest Man, once a Batman.”

“Sexiest Man, once a Batman, over 60,” Clooney responds, as Roberts quips: “… who still has all his own teeth.”

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Clooney and Roberts seem to have had a blast while doing press for their latest flick together.

The pair first met back in 2000 before filming “Ocean’s Eleven”, with Clooney recalling of them quickly becoming pals: “This was just easy.”

“That’s how it felt with George,” Roberts gushes. “You just kind of go, ‘Alright’ … He’s one of my people now.”

See the showbiz duo talk more about their friendship in the clip below.