Meet the 10 top chefs who changed Dan Levy’s life.

The star created and hosts the new show “The Big Brunch” which features 10 chefs competing for a prize of $300,000 with their best brunch dishes.

It marks the entry for the “Schitt’s Creek” star into the unscripted realm of reality television, a decision that initially made Levy nervous.

“Breaking into the unscripted space felt like a strange detour from what I had been doing with ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and everything that came after,” he told People in an interview. “There was this point where I questioned, ‘Well is this the right decision? Am I doing the right thing?’ Because this silly industry has a way of making you question your instincts.”

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After meeting the contestants for the show, however, Levy said they put his concerns to rest.

“It turns out that when you put 10 people who are doing wonderful things for their communities together in a room, it only makes everyone around them feel like everything’s going to be okay,” he explained. “It restored my faith in people.”

The 10 contestants were handpicked by the actor who wanted to share their stories “beautifully, intimately and emotionally.” They were chosen not only for their cooking skills, but also for their contributions to bettering their communities.

While the show is technically a competition, he said it differs from other shows as the chefs must work together.

“It was so inspiring to watch them support each other, help each other and encourage each other in ways that I think caught them off guard, too,” said Levy, explaining the experience brought them all together into a “wonderful family” who keeps in contact in group chats.

“That’s all you can hope for is that you make something that brings people together in a really positive way,” he added.

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Speaking about the inspiration for making his competition show focus on the humanity of the contestants, he said he wanted to prove a competition based on kindness and mutual support could work.

“I wanted to prove that you can have a competition-based show that is still rooted in support, kindness and encouragement,” said Levy. “You can be kind and make edgy comedy at the same time. It’s the same way that we tried to show with ‘Schitt’s Creek’.”

“The Big Brunch” debuts on HBO Max Nov. 10 with the first three episodes. The next three episodes will air on Nov. 17, and the final two episodes will be released on Nov. 24.