Denise Richards is calling out Lisa Rinna.

On Wednesday night, part 2 of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12 reunion aired, and Rinna addressed her behaviour through the season, including outbursts at fellow cast members.

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She explained that her heightened reactions to people may have been a result of losing her mother, Lois, last November.

“It’s hard,” she told host Andy Cohen. “It’s really hard to come into a show like this, and maybe would’ve been better if I had taken the time off.”

She added, “When you’re in that deep of pain — I’ve done the best I can. I’m sorry for being crazy and a maniac and screaming and doing what I’ve done. I’m really just trying to walk through life.”

But evidently, Richards wasn’t buying that explanation. In a post on Instagram, the former “Real Housewives” star expressed sympathy for Rinna’s mourning, but added, “What is her excuse all the other years on the show for being so cruel & so vindictive?”

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During the reunion, other cast members also shared their frustrations with Rinna.

“I did talk to you a lot during the time of hospice and your mother’s passing,” Sutton Stracke told her. “So, when I’m getting yelled at over and over and over, I’m thinking, does she not remember that I was such a good, steady friend to you? You yelled at me a lot. I was a dead horse. I turned into glue. I mean, I was giving glue to all the schools in L.A. That horse got beaten. I really need an apology.”

“I am sorry that I did that, I really am,” Rinna responded.

But Stracke pushed back, citing a “pattern of behaviour,” to which Rinna said, “I understand that, but I’m talking to you now and I am sorry that I took it out on you. I am sorry that I took out my pain, anger, sadness and fear out on you. I understand, you’ll accept it if you want or not, but I want you to know that I am sorry that I took it out on you, ’cause I did. And I am sorry.”

“Thank you for apologizing,” Stracke said.