Another “Deal or No Deal” “briefcase girl” has come forward to speak against Meghan Markle’s recent “Archetypes” podcast comments.

After Claudia Jordan responded to the remarks earlier this week, Patricia Kara has now spoken to “Inside Edition”, insisting she never had the same experience as Markle on the show.

Kara modelled on the game show from 2005 to 2009, and liked it so much she even returned for the 2018 reboot.

Markle, on the other hand, appeared as a “briefcase girl” from 2006 to 2007 before quitting because she said working on the show made her feel “not smart.”

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The Duchess of Sussex also said she was told to “suck it in” before filming started, and suggested the girls had to pad their bras, wear lashes and were given spray-tan vouchers each week so they could look a certain way.

When asked if Markle’s comments sounded “familiar at all,” Kara responded, “Not at all, it’s unfortunate she felt that way because my experience, I never ever felt that way.”

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As Markle’s comments about padding bras and being told to look a specific way came up, Kara insisted, “There was no bra station! There was no bra station.”

Kara’s remarks come after Claudia Jordan, who also worked with Markle on the show, insisted the girls were “never treated like bimbos” despite Markle’s podcast episode being titled “Breaking Down ‘The Bimbo’.”