James Corden isn’t interested in speaking about that restaurant drama that emerged on social media this week.

Keith McNally recently announced on Instagram that he was banning Corden from his French brasserie restaurant Balthazar in New York City, before later admitting the “Late Late Show” host had apologized and all had been forgiven.

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The whole thing blew up on social media at the time, and Corden was asked about it while promoting his new TV series “Mammals” in an interview with the New York Times.

Corden insisted, “I haven’t done anything wrong, on any level. So why would I ever cancel this? I was there. I get it. I feel so Zen about the whole thing.

“Because I think it’s so silly. I just think it’s beneath all of us. It’s beneath you. It’s certainly beneath your publication.”

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During the chat, the British star also pointed out that there was someone complaining about their meal right then and there, telling the reporter: “Happens every day. It’s happening in 55,000 restaurants as we speak. It’s always about eggs.”

He added, “Can you imagine now, if we just blasted her on Twitter? Would that be fair? This is my point. It’s insane.”

McNally posted earlier this week:

Before he later said that Corden had called him and “apologized profusely,” writing:

McNally has since offered Corden free meals at Balthazar if he were to apologize to the servers in question.

The restaurateur told TMZ: “I have no wish to kick a man when he’s down, but I believe the best way for James Corden to retrieve some of the vast respect the public had for him before this incident is to own up to it and apologize to the young servers he abused.

“If he’s big enough to do that, he can eat free at Balthazar for the rest of the year.”