Kathy Hilton will only return to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on one condition.

The 63-year-old was asked about quitting in an interview with TMZ amid ongoing drama with Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne.

“I had said that I would only be willing to come back if the cast [changed],” Hilton, who joined the cast in 2021, insisted.

“If it was completely the same, absolutely not,” she went on. “Because I feel they are two bullies that intimidate a lot of the other girls.”

Hilton said that “a couple” of the “RHOBH” cast members “speak up” against Rinna and Jayne.

However, she added, “But most of them, they’re not being their authentic self when they’re pushed up to the wall and they’re afraid of what those two bullies [will do]. Because they’re capable of anything.”

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“Those two are desperate for a storyline and they’ll throw anybody under the bus,” before later adding, “How low can you go?”

The interviewer made sure to ask how Hilton’s relationship with her sister Kyle Richards was, with her admitting she said “hello” at the recent BravoCon, but there hadn’t been any more communication.

Insisting she would’ve liked a bit more support earlier on in the drama from her sibling, Hilton said: “I had people from the show telling me that this was a setup the whole time by these two girls. And you know what? If people are really worried about me, why wouldn’t they call Kyle, my husband [Rick Hilton], production when Lisa said that I had a ‘break’?

“But she decides to call the media, the press, her little go-to people and Erika. Why is she calling Erika in the middle of me scaring her so much?”

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Hilton allegedly had an off-screen meltdown at the Caribou Club in Aspen recently and Rinna was apparently the only cast member to witness the entirety of it.

During a recent episode, Hilton claimed the outburst was due to her receiving the news her friend was dying from cancer, but Rinna wasn’t accepting the excuse, and drama ensued.

Hilton also spoke to ET Canada about the ongoing feud. See more in the clip below.