After several years of following strict COVID protocols, Kody Brown was ready to let loose on Sunday’s episode of “Sister Wives” — and let loose he did.

The 53-year-old Brown family patriarch attended his pal, Brian’s, wedding, officiating the ceremony despite having some reservations and dealing with frustrations from several of his wives.

“I am feeling like it’s time to sort of emerge from all this quarantining and sequestering we’ve had with COVID,” Kody shares in the episode, which was filmed around spring 2021.

By far the highlight of his trip was his reception dance moves. The father of 18 broke it down on the dance floor as a crowd circled around him. He even danced with a fellow guest, spinning her around the floor.

While Kody seems to be having a ball, several of his wives take offense to his decision to travel for the wedding after he refused to see them and their kids amid the pandemic.

“Yeah, the travel choice is interesting to me, and I realize it’s important, but Kody and Robyn still observe very strict rules about COVID and here’s Kody traveling,” Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, says.

Kody calls his wives’ claims that his COVID protocols have kept the family from getting together a “gaslighting fallacy,” saying, “We’re not getting together because the family doesn’t want to,” adding that he’s traveled with Janelle “a lot.” Kody’s ex, Christine, is also upset about the trip after Kody claimed he couldn’t go to their daughter, Ysabel’s, surgery due to his COVID restrictions.

“Ysabel is heartbroken. She goes, ‘How can he justify officiating Brian’s wedding when he wouldn’t even come to my surgery?'” Christine says of her daughter. “And now I’m mad. What the hell? You think you’re going to go officiate your friend’s wedding and not take care of your own family?”

Kody explains that there was more to him going to Ysabel’s surgery than he thinks his ex understands.

“Ysabel’s surgery was at a time and a situation where it would have required that I’m six or eight weeks away from home,” he says. “No man can be away from work and from home and from family that long. I was gone for four days for Brian’s wedding, that’s it.”

Kody and Christine are in the middle of an ugly split on this season of Sister Wives, and Kody admits to having some reservations about marrying his friend when he is feeling so conflicted about marriage itself.

“There’s something gnawing on me. Am I supposed to stop you from doing this?” Kody says of Brian. He later shares that he even questioned his friend’s marriage right before the ceremony, saying, “I said, ‘You’re sure, right? You’re sure you’re supposed to marry her?’ And he said, ‘I’m sure, man, it’s OK.'”

ET recently spoke with Christine about her life after her split from Kody. Watch the exclusive interview below.


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