Hailey Bieber is speaking out against antisemitism.

On Monday, the 25-year-old model shared a pair of posts on her Instagram Story showing her support for Jewish people amid Kanye West’s ongoing antisemitism scandal.

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First, Bieber re-shared a post from comedian Amy Schumer, who wrote, “I support my Jewish friends and the Jewish people.”

Hailey Bieber/Instagram
Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Bieber then followed it up with her own statement, coming from her own Christian religious perspective.

“You cannot believe in God and be anti-Semitic,” she wrote.

Hailey Bieber/Instagram
Hailey Bieber/Instagram

“You cannot love God and support or condone hate speech,” she added. “To love God is to love people ALL people.”

Bieber and Schumer are just two of many celebrities who have expressed their support for the Jewish community in recent days, as a number of companies have cut ties over West’s continued antisemitic statements.

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On Tuesday, Adidas announced that they are severing ties with the rapper over his comments, which have included stereotyping, as well as saying on Twitter that he will be going “DEATH CON 3” on Jewish people.

Others who have spoken out against West, or in support of Jews facing antisemitism, include his ex Kim Kardashian, and her sister Khloé.