Hugh Jackman just teased his recently announced return as the beloved X-Men member Wolverine while wishing his friend and “Deadpool 3” co-star Ryan Reynolds a happy birthday on Sunday.

Jackman showed off his singing skills in a video he posted to Twitter which sees the actor humming happy birthday as he serenades two portraits of Reynolds, one being the black-and-white photo of the Canadian star performing a heel click with a good luck note attached to it — the same portrait Reynolds gifted Jackman back in February for the opening night of his Broadway revival show The Music Man. 

Jackman then signed off the birthday video with one of Wolverine’s most iconic lines: “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice.”

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In September, Reynolds confirmed that Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine after many fans believed that the Australian actor had put his claws away following 2017’s critically acclaimed “Logan”.

The two then put out a video answering some of fans’ burning questions like “how is Wolverine alive after Logan?”

While details of “Deadpool”‘s third instalment remain under wraps, the film was previously expected to follow Wade and Logan as they embark on a road trip — a teased storyline that Reynolds said was finalized before Disney bought Fox.

Fans will have to wait to see what the actual storyline will be when Deadpool and Wolverine hit the big screen together, a project that Reynolds has envisioned for a long time.

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“I couldn’t be more excited. I mean, especially to do it this way,” Reynolds shared about the upcoming film. “Ultimately, I get to work with some of my closest friends in the world and that doesn’t happen every day working in this business.”

“Deadpool 3” is set to be released on Sept. 6, 2024.