Jane’s Addiction fans will not get their fix in Eastern Canada.

Concertgoers who were hoping to see Jane’s Addiction open for Smashing Pumpkins in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City will have to wait until next time, as the band has stepped down from five performances while frontman Perry Farrell recovers from an injury.

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Farrell was injured during the band’s performance in Madison Square Garden on Oct. 19. Jane’s Addiction updated an Instagram post on Monday night to keep fans informed on their status.

“The tour so far has been an absolute blast. Filled with so much joy and rock vibes. I’ve loved seeing all your faces, hearing you sing with us and feeling the love and energy from each and every one of you,” Farrell wrote on Instagram. “Especially all the people from my generation, and there’s been a lot of youngsters I have enjoyed speaking to. Good times.

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“After Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, I suffered an injury that resulted in my inability to perform. I have been in pain and discomfort and have been receiving rigorous physio therapy that has done wonders. Due to doctors orders, we regrettably and forcibly have to cancel the following shows, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, as well as Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City.”

Our Lady Peace will fill in for Jane’s Addiction for concert dates up to Thursday, Oct. 27. They just opened up for the Pumpkins Monday night in Toronto, mostly playing hits from their 1997 album Clumsy and 1999’s Happiness… Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch.

Jane’s Addiction are hoping to return to the tour on Saturday, Oct. 29 in Cleveland. That means they should be back for a Vancouver tour date on Nov. 11.