Nicole Kidman and Luke Evans have some pipes!

The “Nine Perfect Strangers” co-stars released a new single titled, “Say Something” on Wednesday. The song will be featured on Evans’ forthcoming album, A Song For You, on Nov. 4.

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”When we wrapped the show, we had dinner one night in Nicole and Keith’s house in Sydney,” Evans recounts in a press release. “After dinner, Nicole was like: ‘Right, you’re singing, Keith’s gonna play the piano. He’ll play anything, just tell him the song.’

“So everybody came around the grand piano in their living room and I sang Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’. I knew that Nicole loved to sing, so she was joining in.”

Evans wasn’t sure how much bandwidth Kidman had to record a duet. After all, she is a busy and ultra-successful actress. Much to Evans’ enthusiasm, Kidman was on board.

“I already had that song in my head, because I knew that it would fit Nicole’s voice very well, that I could blend our voices,” he said. “So I sent them the track, and Keith was like, ‘genius – I couldn’t have thought of a better track.’

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“He sent me a little video of her in the booth recording. And she loved every minute of it. She was so grateful that I’d asked her. I was, like, ‘grateful? You have no idea how grateful I am!’ But she’s a lovely woman, and a friend, and very generous with their time. To do something like this was really special.”

Evans (“The Hobbit”, “Beauty and the Beast”) released his first studio album At Last in Nov. 2019. It peaked at No. 11 on the U.K. charts. Kidman — an Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actress — is married to country superstar Keith Urban.