Kanye West doesn’t want people to think he’s all about money.

On Thursday, the rapper returned to Instagram for the first time since his account was locked over antisemitism, claiming that he’s lost a whole lot of money over the controversy.

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In one of his new posts, addressed to talent agent Ari Emmanuel, West says, “I LOST 2 BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE DAY.”

The claim somewhat lines up with a Forbes report which estimated that West had lost $1.2 billion in net worth after Adidas ended their partnership with him on the Yeezy brand.

“THE MONEY IS NOT WHO I AM,” Ye claimed further down in the post.

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Over the last week, West has faced a storm of controversy over a series of antisemitic statements on social media and in interviews.

Along with losing his Yeezy partnership, he has also been dropped by the agency CAA, and a complete documentary about him has been shelved by its producers.