Henry Cavill and Clark Kent are both in a great mood.

It was recently revealed that Cavill will be putting on the cape and reprising his role as Superman from the “Man of Steel” and “Justice League” movies. In a new interview, Cavill teased a joyful version of Superman in his next project.

“The character means so much to me,” Cavill told Josh Horowitz on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast. “It’s been five years now? And I’ve — quite rightly, otherwise I probably shouldn’t deserve to wear the cape — I’ve never given up hope, and it’s amazing to be here now talking about it again.

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“There is such a bright future ahead for the character. I’m so excited to tell a story with an enormously joyful Superman.”

Cavill officially made his return to the DC Cinematic Universe as Clark Kent in a “Black Adam” cameo. It lists it among the most significant moments of a stellar career in Hollywood.

“I wasn’t too sure how I was gonna feel, whether I was gonna be like, ‘Okay, cool, yeah, back in the suit,’ or whether it was going to be something which was very emotionally connective, because I put the ‘Man of Steel’ suit back on,” he said. “I chose that one in particular because of the nostalgia attached to the suit. It was incredibly important to me to just be standing there enjoying that moment.

“That is one of the top moments in my career,” said Cavill. “It feels great to have the opportunity to wear it again.”

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Cavill officially acknowledged his Superman comeback after surprising fans in “Black Adam”.

“I wanted to wait until the weekend was over before posting this because I wanted to give you all a chance to watch ‘Black Adam’,” Cavill previously said. “But now that plenty of you have, I wanted to make it official that I am back as Superman.

“There is a lot to be thankful for and I’ll get to that in time. But I wanted to thank you guys most of all. Thank you all for your support and thank you for your patience.”