Christina Applegate is sharing a health update with her fans.

The actress, who publicly came out with her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in August 2021, will be stepping out in public once again.

The actress made an announcement that she had an “important ceremony” she would attend soon on Twitter.

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“I have a very important ceremony coming up. This will be my first time out since diagnosed with MS. Walking sticks are now part of my new normal,” she wrote.

A picture of several stylish walking canes accompanied the post.

“Thank you @neowalksticks for these beauties. Stay tuned to see which ones make the cut for a week of stuff,” she added.

While she didn’t reveal what her upcoming event was, fans were supportive of her post and shared their own favoured walking sticks.

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Fans weren’t the only ones supporting the actress following her diagnosis. Fellow actress Selma Blair, who is equally vocal about her condition since revealing it in 2018, offered her support when Applegate first came out with it.

“Loving you always. Always here. As are our kids. Beating us up with love,” Blair wrote in response to a tweet Applegate wrote about the support she was receiving from everyone.