Disney has been praised after debuting its first plus-size female protagonist.

“Reflect”, a short film about a ballet dancer called Bianca who battles her own reflection, is streaming on Disney+ as part of season 2 of “Short Circuit Experimental Films”.

A description reads, “A ballet dancer overcomes her doubt and fear by channelling her inner strength.”

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The teacher tells Bianca at dance class, “Tight tummy, long neck!” as she heads to the barre looking uneasy.

The mirror then cracks around her and she has to deal with looking at her own reflection multiple times, before going into her own world with her love of dance.

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Social media has been loving the new short. See some of the reaction below.

The episode has been directed by Hillary Bradfield, who previously worked as a storyboard artist on “Frozen 2” and “Encanto”.

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