Cate Blanchett is the latest star to pay a visit to “Hot Ones”, the online talk show where celebs answer questions while chowing down on chicken wings drenched in increasingly spicy selections of hot sauce.

As Blanchett digs into the mouth-burning wings, she let host Sean Evans in on a little secret about how hot sauce can aid a performance by bringing on tears.

While discussing a role, Blanchett observes that “my eyes are watering,” which leads her to tell Evans that hot sauce is “actually an amazing trick” to get tears flowing.

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“An actor told me, an older actor, a stage actor, told me ‘You know, if you need to cry, you turn upstage and pull a nostril hair.’ And it works,” she reveals.

“But now I know if you turn upstage, you’ve got a little bit of hot sauce on your finger, and then, yeah, you can play Greek tragedy,” she quipped.

Blanchett’s remarks can be seen just after the 12:30 mark in the video above.