James Corden truly adores his wife.

In an interview on “Good Morning Britain”, the departing “Late Late Show” host opened up about his marriage to Julia Carey.

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“I absolutely knew minute one that I couldn’t do any better than this. When I met Jules… It’s a miracle,” he said, according to The Daily Mail.

Corden and Carey were introduced by his former roommate Dominic Cooper. They tied the knot in 2012 and have three children together.

“Every day she must just look at me… ‘What did I do? It’s a huge mistake!'” he joked.

The late-night host also talked about moving back to the U.K. after ending his tenure on “The Late Late Show”.

“I love where we live, I love being in Los Angeles,” he said. “I love it but we always knew it was an adventure and not a final destination.”

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He added, “This place is amazing, this little island. The things it’s created, the things it’s given the world. I’ve always been very proud to call it home.”

As for his final episode of “The Late Late Show”, Corden teased, “It’s going to be really emotional. It’s going to be a real thing to draw it to a close. I’m so proud of what we’ve done.”

Corden will leave “The Late Late Show” in 2023. He took over the show from Craig Ferguson in 2015.