With Friday’s news that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have finalized their divorce, ET Canada spoke with Christopher Melchor, a top Los Angeles-based family divorce lawyer from Walzer, Melchor & Yoda LLP.

One big factor in the divorce, Melchor pointed out, was the vast amount of money at stake.

“So Tom and Gisele are both wealthy in their own right, and it’s been reported that Gisele has more money than Tom,” he explained. “In a way that makes these cases more complicated and difficult to resolve, but also makes it easier in respect that they don’t need the money so they’re not dependent on each other. So it sounds like they probably just did a split based on each keeping their own. And it is amazing that they were able to resolve that in a relatively short period of time.”

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Among Melchor’s observations about the divorce proceedings is how drama-free they were.

“Tom and Giselle handled this in a way that’s a good example for everyone else. There’s no reason to go to court many times over these disputes, and they’ve shown that they can solve very complex things involving their money and their kids pretty quickly without having to go see a judge,” he explained. “Now, when you have two celebrities getting a divorce, this is very dangerous for them to have any of this stuff out there publicly because it’s a big distraction. It can be embarrassing to them. So most couples who are both celebrities are going to take this path and settle quickly. We’ve seen examples where that has not happened — Kim and Kanye, which I was involved in — and then also Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, I was also involved in that case, totally different paths with multi celebrity couples, but it really just depends on both sides being committed to resolving it quickly.”

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Another factor that would have sped up divorce proceedings is the fact that Brady and Bündchen likely had a prenuptial agreement in place. “My guess is that this couple did have one and that would have made it easier to divide things up,” Melchor explained.

The lawyer mentioned that Brady and Bündchen were in the process of building “a really expensive mansion in Florida,” which one of the two will likely need to claim ownership of. “One of the parties would take that estate and continue the construction, so we should see a change in records showing which one took that, because they just really can’t co-own something like that,” he said.

Melchor also weighed in on the statements that Brady and Bündchen released to announce that their divorce had been finalized.

Tom Brady/Instagram
Tom Brady/Instagram
Gisele Bündchen/Instagram
Gisele Bündchen/Instagram

“Gisele’s statement is excellent,” Melchor observed. “It’s focused on going forward and co-parenting, recognizing that this is a sad loss of the relationship. But she’s not going to allow it to define her and she’s asking for privacy. So that’s a perfect statement.”